TOGAF is a rapidly-evolving framework. It keeps up-to-date with changing demands and guides organizations to achieve enterprise architectural excellence. Like the framework, the TOGAF certification streamlines from time to time. The Open Group launches various versions of the credential test and new syllabuses to encompass the latest changes. It also aims to provide the test takers with current TOGAF knowledge and evaluates their knowledge based on the new TOGAF roll-outs.

If you wish to take a TOGAF certification test in the upcoming months, you should know everything about the latest exam version before starting your preparations. So, what's the newest TOGAF certification? It's version 9.2! Although TOGAF 10 encompasses the latest framework changes, the certification exam refers to version 9.2. So, you will be preparing for the TOGAF 9.2 certification exam in the upcoming days.

This informative post will walk you through all the TOGAF credential details you must know before appearing in the exam. So, let's explore the TOGAF 9.2 certification exam right below!

An Overview of TOGAF 9.2 Certification

Your ability to use the TOGAF standard when creating and utilizing your corporate architecture is demonstrated by your TOGAF Certification. Enterprise architecture, comprising business architecture, security architecture, and IT architecture, is governed by the TOGAF 9.2 framework and methodology. Thus, the challenging certification exams will test you on the above domains.

The Available TOGAF 9.2 Certifications

  • TOGAF 9.2 Foundation (Level 1)

It proves that the aspirant has learned TOGAF structure, vocabulary, and fundamental concepts and is conversant with the essential ideas of Enterprise Architecture and the TOGAF frameworks.

  • TOGAF 9.2 Certified (Level 2)

It confirms that besides having a thorough understanding of the TOGAF 9.2 Foundation, the candidate can also analyze and leverage that knowledge in functional areas.

  • TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2 Exam

For aspirants who want to instantly obtain the TOGAF 9 Certified certification (Level 2) through a single exam, the combined TOGAF 9 Part 1 and Part 2 examination is a straightforward path. 

  • TOGAF Business Architecture Part 1 Exam

To demonstrate an understanding of Business Capabilities, Business Modeling, Information Mapping, TOGAF Business Scenarios, and Value Streams, and the knowledge of how to apply them in creating a Business Architecture based on the TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2, individuals can obtain the TOGAF Business Architecture credential. 

Eligibility Requirements for TOGAF Certifications

The eligibility requirements are described in the sections that follow. You should adhere to the following prerequisites before preparing for the TOGAF exam. So, please have a look at the criteria below.

TOGAF 9.2 Part 1 Exam - Foundational

There aren't any requirements to take the TOGAF 9.2 Part 1 exam. Thus, everybody and everyone is qualified to take this test.

TOGAF 9.2 Part 2 Exam - Certified

To be eligible to take the TOGAF 9.2 Part 2 exam, a candidate must be TOGAF 9.2 Foundation certified or have passed the Part 1 exam on the same day at the same testing center.

TOGAF 9.2 Combined Part 1 and 2 Exam

The TOGAF 9.2 Combined Part 1 and 2 Exam has no prerequisites. Thus, all candidates are qualified to take this test.

TOGAF Business Architecture Part 1 Exam

There aren't any prerequisites for the TOGAF Business Architecture Part-1 exam. 

What will the TOGAF exams test? 

Although practically anyone who meets the requirements can take the TOGAF certifications, however, having the following essential abilities is a distinct advantage:

  • The capacity to see things from an organizational perspective
  • Basic understanding of IT systems and technological know-how in the field
  • The ability to analyze the benefits and demerits of systems while purchasing goods for an organization
  • Understanding how enterprise architecture is integrated facilitates business decisions and aids in reaching various organizational objectives.

Why Should You Consider TOGAF 9.2 Certification? 

The top reasons why you should spend money on TOGAF certification are below.

The demand for TOGAF-certified professionals is increasing.

Planning how to implement your company's enterprise architecture in the short and long term is becoming increasingly important as IT architectures evolve and become more prevalent in all areas of the organization. Thus, the demand for TOGAF-certified experts is increasing, so you should consider obtaining your TOGAF certification to capitalize on the market.

Learn the language of architects

TOGAF 9.2 certified individuals share expertise and a common language. It is a fantastic asset to support IT and corporate architecture development because it is specific to architects.

Better meet your organization's demands.

You can learn from TOGAF how to best meet the demands of your organization. It entails figuring out how the IT budget is used before locating areas where you can leverage it more effectively. Additionally, you will know how and where teams can work together more effectively from TOGAF. Departments and the company as a whole become more effective as a result of the elimination of costs and friction through TOGAF frameworks. 

These qualities help you smoothly run your business by enabling you to see how the many components of the business work together and how these processes may be made more efficient. 

Enhance your management skills with TOGAF

The TOGAF 9.2 certification hones the abilities of IT specialists by enhancing their managerial skills. By broadening your perspectives and assisting you in better managing IT scenarios, these skills help you become an authentic leader and make you aware of the language of enterprise architecture.

Visible Trust Mark

When you hold a TOGAF 9.2 certification, prestigious companies and corporate behemoths regard you as a qualified expert. Thus, the TOGAF 9.2 certification is a sign of reliability for IT professionals. 


The TOGAF 9.2 certification can open infinite opportunities for you. As the demand for TOGAF-certified professionals is rising, there won't be any ripest time than now to prepare for the exam. All you need is to prepare for the certification through top training websites like Simplilearn online learning platform and effortlessly make the credential yours.