Sniper Elite 5 is a new adventure by US Office of Strategic Services agent Carl Fairbairn. This we were thrown into France in 1944, where with the help of a large amount of equipment and advanced skills we will again help the local resistance to stop the German superweapons.

Definitely Sniper Elite 5 is quite an interesting experience!

The first Sniper Elite remained as original and unique as possible, despite its age. As early as 2005, the project provided moderately exciting gameplay: we roam quite wide locations (for 2005), bypass patrols on all sides of the conflict (because they are dressed like Nazis, but sabotage their side) and enjoy hardcore and realistic sniper shooting.

It was difficult for us to enter into open battle, as the enemies did not sleep, they tried to surround us and starve us. The armored spoke to us as briefly as possible. So they were forced to use distractions, binoculars and a compass to reach a viewpoint and shoot a high-ranking officer with a single shot that was accompanied by a killcam - now looking primitive, but at the time of launch, the technology provided a unique experience of pressing the trigger.

But after creating a very realistic and atmospheric steat-action, Rebellion provided him with a very scarce technical part. It was obvious that he needed to move in a slightly different direction.

Sniper Elite V2, which came out after 7 long years, with its full name hinted at a kind of rethinking of the series, the second version. The experiment was obviously successful, so in many ways the series has not changed since 2012.

In addition to updating the schedule, a lively soundtrack was written for the sequel, the range of tasks offered in the missions was expanded, and various traps were added to the inventory to cover the back and create ambushes.

The new modes in the form of additional tasks, cooperation and survival made it possible to enjoy the game much longer.

But the overall structure of the project has shifted to compactness. The locations have acquired a linear and narrow structure, as a result of which the open clashes have turned into a sniper shooting range. Sometimes you can see the battles of the swamps on the two main sides of the Eastern Front, which has a positive effect on immersion, but is fraught with interference in them. For hidden passage of the location, "loops" have been added, by which you can bypass opponents.

In most cases, there is always a secret option to cross - bypassing enemy positions on pre-prepared paths. In open places, sometimes there is no way out at all, except to start a shootout.

Sniper Elite 3 should fix the situation, which became much more spacious and moved players to another period of World War II - the African campaign.

In the tricycle, the wheel of equipment and customization of weapons appeared for the first time and the arsenal of the protagonist expanded. With more open spaces and camouflage equipment (broken generators that drown out the sounds of your shot), true sniper gameplay is in demand again. A new business card of the series has been created - a mission with the assassination of Hitler himself!

The extra hours in the game again provided various modes, including "Pairs" - joint missions in which one player acted as an observer and ran behind enemy lines, and the other as a sniper and worked from a distance.

The front in question was not widely used in terms of level design. Sand mountains, the sand itself, the appropriate architecture and all this in white and yellow colors.

Sniper Elite 4 aims to solve this problem by being a real sandbox sniper game. And it did great.

The whole set of Carl's "gadgets" received additional variations (for example, bandages that reduce heart rate instead of restoring health), and subsonic cartridges for firearms were introduced when they were selected, the protagonist put a silencer on the weapon, and the player already it was not tied to specific sniper positions or generators if you wanted to shoot from a distance.

And there was a place to shoot, because the levels became really huge and diverse. To be more confident, they have set new additional tasks for sabotaging small items, interesting collectibles in the form of military letters and several paths to each of the key points on the map.

In addition, the developers made a number of other correct decisions:

When marking soldiers with binoculars, a small biography-footnote is generated for each, which contributes to immersion.

When you play cooperatively, new collectibles are credited to both players.

In the same building, manual subscriptions for the host appeared (in practice, this is an incredibly convenient thing).

The game conditions for custom multiplayer lobbies can be customized in almost every aspect.

Destroying the equipment now required not only a large amount of explosives, but also good accuracy, as it was now possible to shoot the crew at vulnerable points.

As you level up, you can select one of the available passive skills (fins) to play in all modes.

It is not difficult to guess what problems the next part of the series had to solve.

The first thing that catches your eye is that the whole set of equipment was supplemented even more, providing Karl with traps, almost like Sam Fisher. This is due to a new layer of gameplay - non-lethal.

If you decide not to play a killer, Rebellion has come up with some new gadgets for you: a lure that is a helmet on a stick that attracts and then marks enemies, and an explosive mine that kills on contact. We also changed the behavior of the binoculars, leaving it at the level of the second part. At the standard difficulty level, enemies appear on the radar not as simple dots, but as a blurred area that disappears when all enemy soldiers are marked inside with binoculars.

"Special items" have also undergone a change that has now become "light". In addition to the keys and codes of the safes, there are penetrating charges (which are no longer endless) and two of your new best friends: a lever and a bolt knife. Each of them is needed for most deviations, and also helps for a quick but noisy study - if there is no time to open the locks, you can use a lever to open boxes and a knife for bolts to open locked doors. The developers did not torture the players, so most of the functional elements are not far from the points of potential interaction.

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