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For more than 20 years, Barry's Ticket Service Inc. (Barry's) and Barrystickets.com have offered our customers difficult-to-find and expensive tickets for all significant local, national, and international events. Reliability and accountability are the pillars of our company strategy as an honorable National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) member. barrystickets.com is a website that sells tickets for all sports, concerts, plays, and special events. We also sell tickets to unique events not available on any other website.

Our Promise

Barry's Tickets is pleased to provide our 100% Buyer Guarantee as a service to our clients. The transaction you make will be secure and protected before the event. Who will give you your tickets? Your tickets will be genuine and in good standing. Your order for event tickets will be exact. If the event is canceled, you will get a complete refund. Shipping, e-delivery, or FREE pick-up at one of our locations are available for ticket delivery. Our online ticket listing sites prioritize showing our Best Value tickets. Tickets for certain events may or may not come with a service fee. Sometimes, other websites may feature our tickets, which means they purchase them from us and resell them to you at a premium. Therefore, go to Barry's Tickets if you want the most excellent offer.

100% Safe, Secure, and Dependable

Ticket service Barry's Inc. On BarrysTickets.com, all transactions are protected by 245-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption, and genuine tickets are always guaranteed. We provide practical client assistance, guided logistics, and FedEx tracking. You can be confident that Barry's is an actual business when you buy tickets through Barrystickets.com. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business. You may get excellent customer support via phone or email. Call us toll-free at (866)708-8499 or email at info@barrystickets.com if you have any questions about the tickets featured on our website or are interested in tickets for an unlisted event.

Guaranteed Tickets from Barry's

In an emergency, we'll do our best to replace your tickets with comparable or higher-quality ones.

What happens if the event is postponed or canceled?

Suppose an event is postponed or canceled (Barry's Tickets will decide at its sole discretion when an event is postponed). In that case, we will email you and give you the option of receiving a credit for 105 percent of the original price or a refund for the entire cost of the tickets, including service fees and shipping and handling costs. You may utilize the tickets for the new date of the event if it is postponed or rescheduled, or if there is time, you can put them for sale on Barry's Tickets.com.

What if I don't get my tickets promptly?

Within five days after the day, who anticipated the tickets to arrive, send an email to support@BarrysTickets.com to contact Barry's Tickets customer service. Electronic tickets are often not made available by teams, performers, or venues until 24 to 48 hours before the event's start time. Don't worry; we'll see that you have your tickets in time.

What if my tickets have a problem?

Barry's Tickets will do its utmost to obtain similar replacement tickets if there are any problems or differences between the tickets you get and those you originally ordered. Barry's Tickets has the right to cancel an order and provide a refund for the total purchase price if substitute tickets cannot be located or are not offered for a similar price. If this happens, Barry's Tickets will provide you with a pre-paid FedEx mailing label to use when sending the tickets back to the company.

What happens if my tickets are faulty?

Call Barry's Tickets customer service at (323) 312-3150 if the venue finds your tickets invalid in the rare case that they are. We will make every effort to find equivalent replacement tickets. We will provide you with a pre-paid FedEx mailing label to send the tickets back to Barry's Tickets if replacement tickets cannot be located or if you cannot get in touch with customer service before the event. You will get a refund for the entire cost of the tickets, including service costs, shipping, and handling fees, as soon as we receive confirmation from the venue that the tickets are invalid. If you want this guarantee to be valid, you must get in touch with Barry's Tickets customer service within five days of the event.

What rules and regulations do you have?

Who might modify this warranty at any moment without prior notification? If the conditions of our Barry's Tickets Guarantee change, we will release a new version here that will take the place of earlier versions and take effect immediately. Following publishing a new guarantee, your continuing use of Barry's Tickets.com and Barry's Tickets' services, as described in the User Agreement, shall be construed as your acceptance of the amended guarantee. Do not use Barry's Tickets.com or Barry's services further if you disagree with the terms of the User Agreement or this assurance.

Review of Barry's Tickets: 5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Updated on 1/2/2022

How Reliable Are Barry's Tickets?

Although there are varying opinions on Barry's Tickets, it is a legitimate ticket exchange with an A+ rating from BBB.org that advertises better seats and lower costs (see our top alternative ticket sites below)

With so many online markets now available to the general public, it may be difficult to tell which sites sell tickets and which are scams.


Today, finding a trustworthy website where you can get premium tickets for various events might be challenging.

The firm was established in 1984, and for its operation, it has received a lot of favorable Barry's Tickets Reviews.

Barry's Tickets is a reliable source for expensive tickets for various events, including concerts, tours, and sporting occasions. Many clients have submitted evaluations of Barry's Tickets for others to read.

The business has more than 20 years of expertise in this field and has established its dependability. In truth, this business belongs to the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB).


Customers should know that joining this group requires you to be a trustworthy and legitimate business. Broadway fans will be happy to discover that Barry’s Tickets now provides consumers with theatre tickets in addition to music tickets. People like the whole selection of event options, from game season to unique events around the nation, according to Barry’s Tickets evaluations.

What Makes Barry's Tickets Good?

Customers often cite Barry’s Tickets' exceptional customer service as one of its best qualities since the majority of Barry's Tickets evaluations note how helpful the agents are.

They persuaded clients that they had control of the problem and knew about it. Additionally, ticket delivery was highly trustworthy. Customers may monitor their tickets via this logistics provider, and the corporation employs FedEx for delivery.


Although not all customers who left Barry’s Tickets reviews have visited a branch, it is a beautiful feature that consumers may visit to ask about any forthcoming events and the availability of tickets.

Barry’s tickets-shipping-electronic-transfer-free

Any drawbacks (costs, delivery, etc.)?

The inability of Barry’s Tickets to enable clients to print their tickets at home was one of the main criticisms users had about the website. One has a significant edge if they can print tickets since consumers won't have to wait days to get them. Additionally, you are not required to claim it from a branch.

Many objected to the inflated cost of the tickets. Price markups, however, were not a fraud or conspiracy. The reviews for Barry's Tickets were the source of these remarks.


BarrysTickets.com also states that all purchases are final; however, if your event is postponed or canceled, you will get a full refund, less the cost of shipping.


Summary of the Barry's Tickets Review

Overall, there are now both favorable and bad reviews about Barry's Tickets online.

With the information mentioned above in mind, we can state that Barry's Tickets seems to be a secure site to buy event tickets.

The great variety of events to choose from includes not just the many games played throughout the MLB and NBA seasons but also other entertaining events. According to Barry’s Tickets evaluations, many clients are happy with the service.