Dispensaries have to follow a very strict set of rules as wholesale dispensary supplies have. From how they talk about their products to how they package you up when you leave the store. Everything, from the jars you use to store the herbs to the bags you put the herbs in to take them with you, must be in strict accordance with state law. Because of this, only a small number of businesses sell dispensary products in bulk.

The best items in the dispensary are the cheapest, and you don't have to order a certain number of them. Your business needs good products, but the packaging, compliance labels, dispensary bags, and more help. Since dispensaries work in a highly regulated field, there are rules about how they can advertise. Every platform, from Google to Facebook, has its own rules. Most of these products are the same whether they are used to treat a medical condition or for fun.

What supplies dispensary have?

Just like any other business, dispensaries need supplies and extras. Among the supplies are boxes, jars, exit bags, and things for smoking. We also have a variety of bags that don't smell, dab containers made of silicone or acrylic, and different-sized vials and capsules.

"Wholesale dispensary supplies" can mean a lot of different things due to its broad meaning. You need medical dispensary supplies like mason jars, labels for your bags, pop tops for dry herbs, doob tubes for joints, scales to weigh everything, and a lot more to put your herbs in. Also, you can find jars and package for concentrates made of silicone, acrylic, or glass.

The best way to make more money with your business is to sell high-quality accessories at the lowest price possible. Smoke Tokes knows that it has the best for less money. There can be hundreds of people in a dispensary every day, so they need a wide range of goods.

Some patients love to use vaporizers, but others would rather smoke from a pipe. When you buy dispensary supplies in bulk, you might get the best deals on everything you need.

Packaging of wholesale supplies

In order to follow the law, dispensaries must package their goods in a certain way. Even though each rule is different, most of them require the patient to leave with a prescription or a bag for the trip. This looks like the bag you get when you buy something at a drugstore. There are definitely bags that won't let the smell of herbs leak out because they are odor-proof. Bags that don't let smells in are things like apple baggies, Mylar bags, and stink sacks. There are also pop-top caps and reversible vials.

With packaging, you can put your goods in the right state-approved packaging. Your dispensary can get the containers it needs, such as jars, vials, and pop caps. Our plastic caps are made of polypropylene which has been approved by the FDA, and our silicone products are free of BPA.

Drugstore Supplies

If you need supplies for a dispensary, you've come to the right place. We offer many different kinds of products.

Packaging & Bags for Dispensaries

Depending on the state, patients may be required to take a bag with them when they leave the facility. People sometimes call dispensary bags "departure bags" because you get them right before you leave the place. The bag can't be opened by children, so it has to be childproof.


Labels are often quite state-specific. There are labels that don't follow MMJ rules and labels that do. On these labels, you can often see the name of the strain, the type of strain, and the net weight of the herbs.

Pop-Tops and reversible vials

You can store your herbs in pop caps and reversible vials made of plastic. No matter which you choose, they may be both smell-proof and safe for kids.

Doob Tubes and J-Tubes

Pro-roll sheets are kept in small containers made of a plastic called "J tubes" and "Doob tubes." Since they are so fragile, you should put them in something that will help them stay straight and not break.

Herbs in jars

There are many different shapes and sizes of glass or herbal jars. Some are made of glass, and some are made of mason jars. They come in different sizes, just like the glass jars we bought at the dispensary.

Plant scales

To weigh your dried herbs, you need a scale. The weight of each customer's herbs will be used to measure them accurately.

Wholesale Accessories for Smoking

Smoke Tokes is one of the biggest wholesalers and distributors of smoking accessories. They also sell items to medical dispensaries. We have a wide range of hand pipes, vaporizers, paper cones, silicone dab rigs, glass bongs, and more.

a water line

Bongs, which are also sometimes called "water pipes," are one of the most popular ways to smoke. They need water to clean the smoke and cool it down. Depending on the size and material of the water pipe, it might cost a lot. We have the lowest prices for it at wholesale.

a smoking pipe

The most popular way to smoke is with a hand pipe. They are quick, quiet, and small. Just put your herbs in a dish and use your match to light it.

Papers and Wraps

There are many different kinds of paper rolls and wraps in dispensaries. Most people use paper cones, which are used for pre-rolls. Pre-rolls are one of the most-carried items because they tend to sell well. In addition, they are given away for free.


Many people who go to a dispensary for medical or recreational reasons can't smoke because of a medical condition. Because of this, they may have inflammation in their throat or lungs. A vaporizer is the best way to quit smoking.

Wholesale Supply for Dispensaries

We are the biggest wholesalers and distributors of marijuana to dispensaries. We sell more than 7,000 items, such as vapes, accessories for smoke shops, and supplies for dispensaries. You will always need to stock up in the growing pot shops market. Our goal at Smoke Tokes, a company based in Los Angeles, is to offer the highest quality products to medical dispensaries. Our job is to make it easier and better for you to choose your supplies. Working with us is easy. Wholesale dispensary supplies have discounts on all the supplies you need for your dispensary. We only use the best products to keep your things safe and fresh.