It's a big step to decide to use a surrogate to grow your family. Finding a surrogate, however, takes a lot of time and is quite difficult for most individuals. It entails accurately vetting applicants, looking at their track record of pregnancies, probing their reasons for choosing to be a surrogate, and eventually encouraging them to stick with the procedure. There is no good service to employ than a surrogate agency to identify the ideal individual if you're searching for surrogacy agencies in southern california. It is difficult to find a Surrogacy Agency. Before beginning the surrogacy adventure, it's critical to understand that the procedure might be difficult. The surrogacy process is easier, less stressful, and even fun when handled by a reputable surrogacy service, whether you are an intended parent or considering becoming a surrogate mother.

The term "surrogacy"

Simply said, a kid needs four components to be created: an egg, a sperm, a womb to develop in, and a family to return to. You already have the last component, but you're here because you need a location for your child to develop. Those who are unable to carry a pregnancy may have children via gestational surrogacy. Growing Generations is a full-service surrogacy firm that gives intended parents the direction, assistance, and supervision they need at every stage of the surrogacy procedure.

Throughout the whole process, from selecting your surrogate to being there at the hospital when your kid is born, you may be as engaged as you'd want. Growing Generations will be at your side the whole time.

Services Provided by California Surrogacy Agencies

Typically, surrogacy organizations provide the following services:

Candidate surrogates go through a COMPLETE SCREENING to make sure they are in good enough physical, mental, and emotional health to participate in the surrogacy procedure.

MATCHING intended parents and surrogates

Case management throughout the whole procedure, including communication between clinics, lawyers, and other parties engaged in the surrogacy procedure

MENTORING both surrogates and intended parents as they proceed through the surrogacy process

REFERRALS to the finest escrow companies, law firms, and fertility centers that suit your requirements

MEDIATING conversations between surrogates and intended parents

What to Consider When Choosing a Surrogacy Agency

California has a large number of surrogacy institutions and agencies thanks to its pro-surrogacy legislation. Do your homework before choosing a surrogacy agency, however, as always. Asking couples or surrogates who have completed successful surrogacy journeys via surrogacy firms for recommendations is another smart move.

The following inquiries should be made before you sign a contract with a surrogacy agency to ensure that the organization is a good fit for you:

What conditions must intending parents and surrogates adhere to work with the agency?

What is the procedure for surrogate moms to undergo medical and psychological screening?

What steps are included in the intending parents' pre-screening procedure?

What particular services does the organization provide? What kind of assistance does the organization provide surrogates and intended parents?

Does the agency provide intended parents and surrogates with legal representation?

How much will intended parents pay for their surrogacy journey?

How long will the search for a surrogate take?

What does the basic pay for surrogates look like?

Remember that gestational surrogacy, rather than conventional surrogacy, is the main emphasis of the majority of surrogacy businesses in California. This is due to the emotional issues that conventional surrogacy may create.

Having Your Surrogate Meet

We take care in making sure our great surrogates are physically, emotionally, and financially ready for surrogacy.

Our screening procedure includes a thorough application, interviews, psychological tests, and a background investigation. A doctor who specializes in vitro fertilization (IVF) will also do an intrauterine ultrasound on your surrogate and check her for drugs, nicotine use, and infectious diseases. Less than 1% of Growing Generations' surrogate candidates are eligible to be a surrogate.

Growing Generations is the only agency that provides a "match guarantee" option, which means that if your surrogate does not pass medical or psychological testing, we will pay for all of the costs associated with screening her. You'll have a "match meeting" in person or through video conference after being paired with a surrogate via our highly tailored procedure. This meeting will be supervised by a member of our team.

American-made surrogacy

The next step is to get in touch with a surrogacy agency after you've decided that you want to pursue surrogacy, either as a parent or a surrogate, with the assistance of surrogacy specialists and after doing the required research.

Produced in the USA The goal of surrogacy is to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for both intended parents and surrogate moms.

Produced in the USA The goal of surrogacy is to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for both intended parents and surrogate moms. Made in the USA Surrogacy, which is based in Northern California, serves both domestic and international customers. We collaborate with reproductive clinics in Northern California, including Sacramento and San Francisco, as well as in Southern California, and we have surrogate moms all around the state of California. Our main objective is to assist infertile couples in realizing their parental ambition. Call us right away!

Produced in the USA Surrogacy

Sacramento-based company serving California

Thanks for visiting Made in the USA Surrogacy! We are a Northern California-based full-service surrogacy firm. We will provide each person who contacts our organization with hands-on, sensitive attention since we have personal experience as surrogate parents. Our goal is to treat every one of our families with kindness and concern. We will be your source of information and assistance while you decide whether to use assisted reproduction to expand your family.

We take great satisfaction in assisting our families and surrogates at every stage of the surrogacy journey since each one is unique. We are enthusiastic about completing families for parents and providing a positive and fulfilling experience. Whether you are a surrogate or a parent, we want you to feel at ease and supported during the difficult infertility process.

How Much Does IVF Cost in California?

Without the medicine, a single in vitro fertilization (IVF) typically surrogate cost in california between $8,000 and $13,000.

But just what is an IVF cycle? Let's divide the cycle into the following steps:

Arousal of the ovaries. The process of stimulating the surrogate mother or egg donor to create eggs is sometimes referred to as ovulation induction.

sperm extraction. The intended father or a sperm donor is where the sperm is obtained.

egg locating. The process of removing the fertile eggs from the intended mother or egg donor is sometimes referred to as egg harvesting.

Fertilization. An embryo is produced by combining sperm and egg.

hormone therapy to prepare her womb for embryo transfer, and the surrogate mother takes hormones.

Transfer of embryos. The surrogate mother receives the embryo, which should lead to a successful pregnancy.

An IVF cycle is that. There are other associated costs for the IVF procedure in addition to these phases, such as ultrasounds, blood tests, lab fees, drugs, and/or cryopreservation of the viable embryos and/or sperm.

The IVF cycle may need to be partly or completely repeated if the surrogate mother does not get pregnant after the embryo transfer. If more than one viable egg was collected, it may be removed from cryopreservation and fertilized to attempt another embryo transfer cycle.

Some organizations could provide services to improve the surrogate's chances of becoming pregnant. For instance, to ensure the embryo transfer is effective, Surrogacy By Faith provides a free 30-day cleanse.

Become a prospective parent

Your family's growth begins here

We appreciate your desire to use Made in the USA Surrogacy to start a family. We are devoted to assisting you in expanding your family by finding the ideal surrogate. We recognize that choosing surrogacy as the best way to complete your family has been a difficult and lengthy process for you. As you attempt to finally have the child or children you have always desired, we aim to be the vessel that offers comfort and hope to your journey.

The Finish Line

At delivery and after, we'll be there for you.

Your surrogate's IVF expert will release her to her obstetrician after 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. We will get ready for the birth of your kid as the pregnancy reaches the second trimester and prepare you, your surrogate, and the hospital. Although the lengthy wait is ended, we will still assist as required for many weeks after the birth.

As a result of our open-door approach and recognition that many questions may come up throughout your procedure, you can always turn to our staff for the solutions you need. Additionally, you'll get access to our surrogacy information center, which may assist with any inquiries. You may read materials about breast milk, how to communicate to your kid about surrogacy, and many other issues even after your child are born.