In screen recording software, the word “recording” implies that something is being saved to a file. In most cases, the software will capture your screen with some sort of annotations on top or commentary underneath. But in order for this to work, you need to have some type of visual overlay to see what is being recorded at any given time. 

What you think about it will be based almost entirely on how much experience you have with computer software and hardware. Read on for our take on whether or not the Online Screen Recorder Require Any Software or Plugins.

Does the Online Screen Recorder Require any Software or Plugins?

The short answer is NO, you don’t need any plugins or additional software to use our screen capture software. It’s all built into the browser and works with all modern browsers. Why does this even matter? Well, for starters, our no-plugins-required approach makes the online screen recorder more reliable than its competitors. When you use a plugin, you’re introducing unnecessary risk to your computer. 

If there’s an issue with that particular plugin, your computer could become unstable and take longer to boot. It’s also more likely to cause conflicts with other software. Nothing is more frustrating than installing a program, only to find out that it interferes with another piece of software.

Why is there Such Confusion about Screen Recorder Software?

The confusion over what software is needed to record your screen comes from the fact that most people who screen record regularly don’t know much about the process. We’ll be honest; a lot of us have been recording our computer screens for years without really knowing what we’re doing. 

We just know that when we press a button, the sound and video on our computer screen are recorded and saved to some file on our computer. So when we have to discuss the process with another person who has no experience recording their computer screen, it gets confusing fast.

The Problem with Plugin Dependent Software

The first problem with using screen recording software that requires plugins is that it puts your computer at risk. If there is an issue with that particular plugin, it can destabilize your computer and take longer to boot up. It can also cause conflicts with other software. 

If the company that makes the screen recorder software you use goes out of business, you could be left with no way of paying back your videos. The only way to fix this would be to find someone who built the same plugin, but who is still in business, and ask them to create a new version.

What are the Alternatives to Plugin Dependent Screen Recording Software?

The best alternative to using a screen recording program that requires plugins is to use one that doesn’t. The online screen recorder is built to work without any additional software or plugins, so it doesn’t have any of the problems associated with other screen recorder tools. Another alternative would be to use a program that only records the audio from your computer. 

The Bottom Line: Should You Trust a Program that Requires Plugins?

To put it simply, you shouldn’t trust a program that requires plugins. If a program makes you install a plugin, it’s more likely to mess with your computer, cause conflicts with other software, and be harder to uninstall when you’re done with it. 

Most of the time, program developers will try to get around the lack of support for certain audio and video codecs by requiring you to install third-party plugins. While this might work in the short run, it’s not a good long-term solution.