Handling health and finance with growing age can be a tough job. Growing people and people with disabilities may face problems in facing complicated and serious questions arising in their heads regarding long-term care. This article focuses on answering a few questions that you might have. Further, for detailed answers to your queries, address your question to a Cherry Hill NJ elder law attorney. They will be obliged to clear all your doubts.

What is the significance of a will with an estate planning trust?

A will with an estate protection trust aims to protect the assets of a surviving spouse or the beneficiary. A will protects the assets from “unintentional disinheritance.”

What is the list of core planning documents?

  • The last will.
  • An agreement of trust.
  • Directions of healthcare.
  • Long-term care planning provision.

What can threaten my financial security?

Demand for long-term care and its bills is a great threat to your financial security. 

What shall I do with my legal documents?

Keep your documents safe in a water- and fire-resistant locker. Ensure that the place where you keep the documents is known to your children or a trusted person. 

How will an elder law attorney help me?

An elder law attorney is seasoned in dealing with cases that need the jurisdiction of elder law. They have dealt with several cases where they helped senior people in estate planning, Medicaid, etc. They are well aware of the senior people's problem and will help you address it and solve it. 

I have a special needs child. What can I do?

Children with special needs depend on other people. Especially their parents. And this is the reason why aging parents are worried about their children. An elder law attorney will help you plan for your special-needs child. 


Contacting an elder law attorney will be the best decision. If you are wondering what is the appropriate age to contact an attorney, no book of rules states the exact date. It is suggested that you do it when you are reaching the mark of 60 years. Growing old may result in deterioration of health, so when you are strong and reasonable, do all the planning that you might require to lead a life without hindrance.