When people crave pizza, they usually reach out to Papa Johns, because not only does it use quality ingredients, but its menu has a wide selection of options. Even when it comes to pizza, there are various types to choose from, such as the New York style pizza. One of the menu features is Papa Pairings, which allows you to make different combinations, try new things, and only pay $6.99 for each item. Mix or match a number of items to change up your normal order. 

Chicken Poppers & Wings

If you want a break from pizza, or you want to complement your pizza order, try Papa Pairing with chicken poppers and wings. They are both available in the same flavors, which are:

  • Buffalo
  • Garlic parmesan
  • BBQ
  • Hot lemon pepper
  • Honey chipotle

You can also order them unsauced, if you prefer. Do not forget to pick out your favorite dipping sauce to enhance the flavor.

Bread, Sides & Desserts

Another option on the Papa Pairing menu are sides and desserts. These mix and match deals are perfect choices to complement your pizzas when you are hosting a larger gathering. Order a few large pizzas and then add on the sides.

The original and garlic parmesan breadsticks are always popular options, as are the garlic knots. If you love cheese, there are various cheesesticks to choose from, including:

  • Traditional
  • Bacon
  • Jalapeno
  • Bacon jalapeno
  • Tuscan 6-cheese
  • Green chili
  • Green chili and bacon

For a fun side to impress your guests, try the newer Papa Bites. These consist of original dough that is wrapped around flavorful combinations. For savory options, try the chicken parmesan or jalapeno. Each order contains eight substantial bites and a dipping sauce.

If sweet is what you are looking for, try the Oreo Cookie Papa Bites. Other dessert options include cinnamon pull aparts, chocolate chip cookie, and double chocolate chip brownie. Every dessert is big enough to share. 

Pizza & Papadias

If you want a smaller meal for two, or you are extra hungry, you can order a medium one-topping pizza and a Papadia off the Pairing menu. The pizza comes on traditional dough, but from there you have free reign as to what you want on your pie. Choose your sauce, such as traditional, alfredo, or BBQ, and then choose one topping from the wide selection of meat and veggie options.

If you are wondering what a Papadia is, it is a sandwich made with flatbread (either traditional or parmesan crusted) and filled with tasty ingredients. The options include:

  • Philly cheesesteak
  • BBQ chicken and bacon
  • Meatball pepperoni
  • Grilled buffalo chicken
  • Italian

If you love Cool Ranch Doritos, for a limited time you can order a Cool Ranch Papadia. The flatbread is sprinkled with a bold ranch seasoning and then filled with tomatoes, onions, cheese, Doritos Cool Ranch sauce, and your choice of chicken, steak, or ground beef.

If you like specials like the Papa Pairings, use the Papa Johns promo code to see how you can save even more money on your order.